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August 17, 2012

Your Last Ride Ever

Looking into the depths
For years I've heard the question asked on many a podcast and of many a Disney Parks fan, and I thought I might offer my thoughts on this topic. One difference, I'm going to take a slightly different approach to this quandary. Here's the question:
If you had just one more day on earth, and you could ride only one more attraction, what would that attraction be?

This week, my best friend back home lost her mother to Pancreatic Cancer. It was a short battle, but not one that I would wish on anyone. Her last days were spent with her family at home. She was in great spirits, playing Wii with the grand-kids, and just almost like normal. Then, things changed quickly, and just later that day she was gone. But don't feel too badly, she was doing exactly what she wanted in her last days, spending it laughing, singing, and playing with family.

This has changed my outlook on this question. Originally, I would have gone with most people and said one more ride on Expedition Everest, or maybe The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, even Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, but none of those would provide that joy that a ride with the family would provide you. My answer now is probably it's a small world.

I know it's probably not your favorite attraction, but I can think of none better right now. I could sit in the seat for 15 minutes, with my son on my lap, and my arms around my daughter on one side, and my wife on the other. And there is that song, full of joy, sung by children, giving me hope that this world is very special, and that the children of the world will strive to keep it that way even after I'm gone. I appreciate Walt Disney World for providing us a place where we can create these memories with our family, where we can do things together, and share a moment of joy and laughter.

So, maybe the next time someone asks you what your favorite ride is at Walt Disney World? or what your last ride would be? Maybe you'll pause and think for a minute about those intangibles that make a ride so much more special at Disney.


  1. That is one of my very favorite ride too, just because My little ones would snuggle on me and take a nap. I would also just sit in Main Street USA with my husband and people watch together.

    1. Good stuff storyland4. Those moments of close contact with your loved ones are so precious.

  2. In my opinion, Walt Disney imagined his dream of the way he wanted family (in all definitions) to be...sharing quality, unadulterated fun together. He imagined it and we are able to live person or Lou's podcastes, again and again. Thanks Walt!! And Lou !!
    Steve, BAMD


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