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December 31, 2010

My Disney Memory for 2010

10:18 AM
I'm in the shot So as the year 2010 comes to a close, I had to stop and ponder what my favorite Disney Memory was from this year. There were so many to choose from. Was it the time I took Susie into the Disney Store in our mall, and all the tears of an active tantrum ceased, and were replaced by a smile that just lit up the room? Was it sitting on the couch with Susie and watching Dumbo for her first time? Nope, neither one of those. This memory was bigger. This memory was huge. This Disney Memory will forever be locked in my head, so I can see it as if I were right there. I’m of course talking about Susie’s first ride on a Disney Attraction, which of course was Dumbo The Flying Elephant in Disneyland. I’ve really already covered this memory back in Memory 041, but I have to touch on it again, because it was so big for both Susie and I. (You could always go back and listen again if you wanted to refresh your Memory)

December 24, 2010

Memory 042 - Country Bear Jamboree Christmas Special

5:00 AM
Country Bear Finale
** Mono Video **
Time: 13:13

Come and join us for another installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, where I try to make it possible for you relive your Walt Disney World Memories when you can't actually be there.

For our special Christmas Memory this year, I'm digging deep for one that is really special. So I have recently begun the work of migrating all our old video tapes to DVD. This has unearthed a plethora of special memories, and I found one that is perfect for our special Christmas Memory. This video is of the MIA Country Bear Jamboree Christmas Special.

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