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December 11, 2009

Memory 035 - O Canada!

Canada Pavilion
**Binaural **
Time: 28:22

Today’s request came from a couple people. First, this attraction was mentioned in the same email I received from Brian in episode 34. But it was also requested by Denise. Again these requests came in a long time ago, but I’m glad to be able to get to them now. Their request was for O’ Canada at the Canadian Pavilion in Epcot.

Denise said:

I remember hearing about the change to the movie in Canada before we went down there. And as much as I like the rides and shows to stay the same, sometimes it is good when they are updated. And I was really looking forward to the new movie with Martin Short. 

Well Denise, I’m sorry but I haven’t been down to Disney World since the recent change in the movie to Martin Short. In fact, today’s binaural memory comes from my last trip to Disney. It’s a perfect spring day in May 2007. Traci (who’s 4 months pregnant) and I are joined by her parents today. We arrive a little bit before the doors open, so we get to sit on the barrels and wait. Our hostess will welcome us, warning us about the feeling of motion, and then lets us in. You’ll hear my father-in-law mention the sound from the old projectors, and my wife comments about the quality of the pictures compared with the then new Planet: Earth series. I can only imagine the redone video has improved some of these things. In any case, the lights dim and we’re treated to what was probably my favorite 360° show in all of Epcot.

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