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May 9, 2009

Memory 031 - Jungle Cruise

4:50 PM
Savana scene on the Jungle Cruise
**Binaural Audio**
Time: 41:20

So today’s request came from 2 people. First was Jason and his family from Ramsey, MN:

Our family (wife and daughter (age 8)) really enjoy listening and reliving the happy memories of our past trips. We especially like the Carousel of Progress memory. We are wondering if you would be willing or able to do a Jungle Cruise memory?

I later received this request from Lottie in Wiltshire, England:

I would like to request a well loved ride for you to release. I really like Jungle Cruise, and the way the tour guides crack their' own personal jokes that makes the ride that little bit different and special each time. The ride includes lots of fun scenarios that I can never get enough of, and I consider it as one of my most entertaining rides in the whole of WDW. I remember one time when a crazy driver let me control the boat... I was scared silly, but it was really fun!

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