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January 2, 2009

Memory 030 - Expedition Everest

Our Intrepid Travelers
**Binaural Audio**
Time: 7:40

So today’s request came from both Andrew and Silvio. Andrew wrote:
next time you go back to WDW can u get a recording of Expedition Everest. It has to be my favorite ride in all of WDW because of how dark it is when you go backwards. i love the g-forces, because that’s just what i am known for. but the drop is just as amazing. it was my first big roller coaster.
And Silvio said:
The sound is just great. I was wondering if you have any recordings of Expedition Everest? Expedition Everest is my favorite ride. 

First off, thank you both for writing in. This is probably one of my all time favorite roller coasters. From the moment I heard about it, I was intrigued.

Well today you get to join Traci and I as we take our family for our first ride on Expedition Everest. It’s a cool morning in December 2006 and we quickly make our way back to the back of the park for our first ride. We have never ridden before, but seen all the TV specials and heard other riders experience. However, this doesn’t change our enjoyment level.

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