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September 7, 2008

Memory 029 - Off Kilter

Photo © Disney
**Binaural Audio**
Time: 1:04:21

Today’s request came from Kirsty of Norwich, England. She wrote:
A second request is Off Kilter, we saw these guys in kilts on our last day … I'd never heard anything like the sound of bagpipes in a rock/celtic band! It was a great 20 mins to end our trip in Walt Disney World! 

So for those of you who think the name sounds familiar, yes Christy was one of our requests in episode 26 for the Dapper Dans. This request for Off Kilter is something I’ve been waiting for. Off Kilter is one of my favorite bands at Epcot, and all of Disney World for that matter. Their style and sound is something very unique and not heard almost anywhere else.

So today, we’re going to slip into 3 different memories. Our First, was recorded back in 1998 on a trip with my family. The audio is not great as I only had a mono microphone. I’ll do some editing to make it appear in stereo, but it’s not true stereo. Our family was walking around World Showcase and the concert started, so we’ll get to hear the first couple of songs, then we move on. Memory two is also from 1998. The audio is again in mono, and I will adjust that again. This time we’ll get to hear the entire set, start to finish. Finally, Memory three is from 2006 on our anniversary trip, and therefore in Binaural, so headphones on. From what I can remember, the band has not changed at all since 1998. There is some new music, but like before, it’s just pure fun in Canada.

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