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November 17, 2007

Memory 023 - Fantasmic!

Sorcerer Mickey brings up the water
**Binaural Audio**
Time: 31:52

Today’s Memory was requested by Chris by writing:
Loved the Illuminations podcast - it’s my favorite nighttime show at WDW. Do you have any plans to have a Fantasmic podcast to go along with your Wishes and Illuminations shows? I’d love to hear it if you do.

And then went on to explain:
Although Illuminations is my favorite nighttime show at WDW, I really just cannot get enough of Fantasmic. I don’t know….it must have to do with the water screens and the flames on the water after Maleficent “turns” into the dragon. 
Chris, you and I are in agreement. I too love Illuminations, with Wishes and Fantasmic coming in just behind it. But I think I like it because Fantasmic is more of a show, and not just fireworks to music.

Today’s memory is in Binaural, and was recorded on one of my business trips to Orlando back in the Spring of 2006. We’re already seated a few minutes before the show. The dance music fades, and the announcer comes on. The lights slowly dim to almost nothing. The vendors scurry off, and you’re left with nothing but shadows and a voice. Suddenly bright lights and building music rise up from out of the ground in front of you, and then, BAM, there’s Mickey, and the show is underway. Bruce Healey did a wonderful job with the score I think, and I think at $30,000 per show Disney has given it’s guests a wonderful gift to end their magical days.

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