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November 2, 2007

Memory 022 - Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

**Binaural Audio**
Time: 25:05

Today’s Memory was requested by Katie from Illinois. She says:
“My family and I go every year and we never get tired of it! Anyway my aunt and I love to listen to your podcast! I would like to request one of my all time favorite rides. I would love it if you could make The Carousel of Progress and episode! I know that it is closed sometimes but if it's open next time your there I would love it if you recorded it!” 

She went on further to explain that she loves the Carousel of Progress because:
“I think it's a great way of showing just how much time has changed and I love the song "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow"!” 
I also received an email from Katie’s Aunt, Angie, requesting the Carousel of Progress. I couldn't agree with the two of you more. I love this classic attraction also for its reflective nature and just seeing how far we’ve come. So Katie and Angie, here it finally is.

Today’s memory was recorded back in the Spring of 2006 on one of my business trips to Orlando. We have already taken our seats and the audio comes up with the intro to Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. Then we begin our journey in the spring near 1900. Next we step into the summer of the 1920’s. The music starts up again, and we rotate into the fall of the 40’s. Finally, we rotate one more time to what is supposed to be the not too distant future. One final rotation, and we’re back at the start. The doors open and we are quickly ushered out.

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  1. This past January, I rediscovered my delight with the Carousel of Progress. I think sometimes you have to put an attraction on the shelf for awhile in order to really appreciate it again. It had been years since I'd given this attraction any attention, but now I remember why I was enchanted by it in the first place. It's such an uplifting look at the ingenuity of humanity and it reminds you to look at all the good advancements we've made and all the promise tomorrow holds.


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