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March 30, 2007

Memory 014 - The Wonders of Life

**Binaural Audio**
Time: 54:14

Today’s episode was suggested to me by Luke Manning of the Everything Disney podcasts. His request was The Wonders of Life Pavilion in Epcot. In his email to me, Luke said:
"I was wondering if you could play some audio from the Wonders of Life pavilion. I know you were there in December, so u might have some. If not, then I'd also like to hear Journey into Imagination with Figment. Yeah, they're both Epcot... my favorite park. It holds a enormous place in my heart." 

The audio today was recorded this past December, and is in Binaural Sound, so get your headphones on. We’ll start off with a ride on Body Wars, then catch a showing of Cranium Command, and finish it off with The Making of Me. The audio begins in the queue as we wind our way through the sterile halls, up to the loading area. You'll hear the cleaning machines, and preflight announcements. As we reach the end, we're given our row assignment and ushered into the Body Probe Boarding Area, where you receive your pre-"flight" briefing. You can kind of tell it's not a very busy morning, not much noise around us. The briefing ends and the doors open. It's a little thing, but notice there's no music of any sort when you're entering the ride vehicle, yet another little thing I like about Star Tours. Once we're buckled in we're off.

After we get off Body Wars, we make our way to the other side of the pavilion to see Cranium Command. We make it with plenty of time. It starts with the pre-show movie, setting up the story line. Everyone always chuckles at the picture of Jim Varney. Then the doors open and we're ushered in to a dimly lit command center, that looks remotely like the inside of a human head, and there's Buzzy, already going through his notes. The alarm goes off, and our adventure begins.

Finally we'll catch a showing of The Making of Me. The audio here is a little soft, but I've been able to pump it up and make it discernable. We make it there with plenty of time again, and are ushered into a miniature movie theatre. You take your seat on a bench and watch the little kids playing in front of you, then the movie begins. Again, it's clean, but yes it does have to do with ... you know. So parents, you can fast forward the last 12 minutes if you want. I love the little cartoon used to explain the more delicate details.

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