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February 14, 2007

Memory 011 - The Voices of Liberty

**Binaural Audio**
Time: 49:49

The audio you’re about to hear was all recorded while on our recent anniversary trip to WDW, and a subsequent trip for my birthday. After hearing these performances, Traci said that she wanted these recordings on her iPod, well my love here you go.

All three sets feature Christmas music, but with slightly different twists. The first set has a male director. The second uses a female director, both feature roughly the same group but with one more male or one more female voice respectively. The third set is again the same group, but this time after the set we chatted a bit with Ryan, the Bass from Oklahoma, and I’ll play a little of that conversation also. A word of advise, take a minute after small concerts like this and chat with the performers, you’ll be amazed by the people that you meet (thanks again Ryan for taking a few minutes for a couple of big fans). Oh and one more thing, listen for the top soprano in all three recordings, it’s the same one. The first two she’s practically flawless and just leaves you shaking your head, but the third set I think she was fighting a cold, she just didn’t leave you in awe as before.

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