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12 April 2007

Memory 015 - Splash Mountain

Frontierland in the morning
**Binaural Audio**
Time: 20:33

Today’s episode was suggested to me by 2 people, Zack W and Julie from the UK. Today we visit Splash Mountain.

It all starts in the queue as we’re walking up. Listen as we work our way from the entrance, up the stairs, and to the boarding area. You take your spot on a wet seat, the belt moves, and our boat is into the water. As we round the corner, we receive a warning about heading for trouble, and they’re not kidding. We reach the front of the mountain, and see the two boats in front of us get soaked as a boat takes the plunge beside us. You know it’s coming, and sure enough cold water all down your back. Now you can just sit back and enjoy the show because that hill isn’t coming up for a while. Then, things start to look bad, Brer Rabbit is tied up, and the shadow of Brer Fox threatens him. But Brer Rabbit outsmarts him and tricks him into throwing him into the Briar Patch, so over the hill you go, into the Briar Patch. Finally, we arrive at the celebration scene where everyone’s glad you’ve made it, which brings us to the end of the ride.

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